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Redburn awarded for independent ESG research 5 February 2021

Redburn, the independent equity research and execution firm, has been recognised in the category of Best Independent House for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) research in the ESG Investing Awards 2021.

Redburn was the runner up in the awards, which assess and evaluate the best companies involved in all areas of ESG investing across the globe.

Since its ESG launch in September 2020, Redburn has placed ESG analysis at the heart of its equity research. A suite of ESG products under the ‘Redburn Purpose’ banner has been developed, while human capital management and ‘upstream ESG’ have become principal considerations for Redburn analysts when assessing the risk/reward of companies under their coverage.

Angus Bauer, ESG Strategist at Redburn, commented: “It’s an honour to have been recognised in these awards, which have brought together the industry leaders within the ESG space.

“We believe it’s crucial that equity research embraces the need for active asset managers to marry investment performance to corporate and social responsibilities and our research is central to this. We help investors navigate all aspects of ESG and have recently been able to evidence the impacts of ‘upstream ESG’ on returns on capital and valuation. I want to thank the ESG Investing Awards for the recognition.”

Access to Redburn’s ESG Research: if you would like to learn more about Redburn’s proprietary ESG research suite, please visit our ESG homepage or contact the team by email on .


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