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Redburn in collaboration with new energy technology consultancy 14 March 2019

Redburn and Rob West are pleased to announce the launch of a new energy technology consultancy, Thunder Said Energy. Rob will be leaving Redburn shortly to start up the new business, which will focus on consulting companies and investors on early-stage energy technologies. As part of the collaborative arrangement between Redburn and Thunder Said Energy, Redburn’s clients will be kept informed of the work from Rob that is most relevant to investors in public equities. Thunder Said Energy will be based on the east coast of the US.

Robert Miller, Head of Research Services at Redburn, said: “We are excited to support Rob in this new venture. It has been clear from an early stage of his career that Rob’s great passion in the energy sector is technology. The focus of Thunder Said Energy will be emerging technologies and, through our collaboration agreement, Redburn’s clients will continue to benefit from Rob’s excellent work.”

Rob West, Partner at Redburn, commented: “In five years at Redburn, my best and proudest work has focused on technology. It helped us call the incredible rise of shale, and the equally incredible fall in oil industry costs. Hence, I am thrilled to be founding Thunder Said Energy, whilst maintaining close relations with Mike, Peter, Zayd, Stuart and my other friends and colleagues at Redburn.”


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